Company History

William John Barritt came to Bermuda from England in 1839 to work in law enforcement. He eventually became Head Jailer at the old Hamilton Jail. He left the Prison Service when his request for a pay increase to support his wife & 12 children was denied. In 1874 W.J. opened a shop on the corner of Front & King Streets in Hamilton, with bottling equipment in a back room and the family residence above. W.J. Barritt died the same year he started the firm and his son John Barritt took over. The business has remained in the family ever since, becoming John Barritt & Son when Frederick G. Barritt joined the firm in 1903.

Starting in 1874, John Barritt & Son has been in business 12 years longer than the Coca-Cola Company.

In 1927 we became the 9th overseas Bottler of Coca-Cola: Cuba, Panama, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam, France & Belgium were the first eight

In 1959 12oz "King Size" Coke was introduced to the Island. Until then Coke was only available in 6.5oz bottles.

In 1970 we added Canada Dry Mixers to our portfolio of locally manufactured carbonated soft drinks.

1972 the Company moves to its current premises in Verdmont Road in Smith's Parish and expands its production facilities to include cans and non-returnable bottles.

1982 the Company becomes the FIRST overseas bottler of Sunkist sodas

1985 Barritt's Beverages International is formed to market Barritt's Ginger Beer to the world.

In 1989 we added A&W Root Beer and Cream Soda to our product line up.

In 1995 NuGrape made its return to Bermuda.

1997 the Company begins blowing its own PET bottles. We began production of Crystal Clear, our purified drinking water.

In 2009 economic pressures forced us to cease local production of most of our product lines. We continued to manufacture Barritts Beer and Crystal Clear Water until 2011 when we finally closed our canning and bottling lines and sold the equipment.

While we still produce some fountain syrups locally we continue to expand our diverse selection of beverages from around the world.

1978 Perrier Water

1984 Orangina Sparkling Citrus Beverage
Douwe Egbert's Frozen Liquid Coffee

1991 Evian Water

1995 Powerade

1997 San Pellegrino & Panna Waters
Island Oasis Frozen Cocktail Mixers

1998 Tradewinds Iced Teas & Juice Drinks

2000 Vita Malt

2001 Havana Iced Cappuccino

2002 Welch's Juices & Juice Drinks

2003 Ribena

2004 Vitamin Water
Nantucket Nectars Juice Drinks
Dasani Water

2007 Monster Energy Drink

V8 Fusion
V8 Splash

V8 Vegetable Juice


Dr. Pepper
Tahitian Treat
Barq's Root Beer
Skinny Water
Herbal Mist Teas
5hr Energy


Vitamin Water Zero
Smart Water


San Pellegrino Juices
Ginseng Up
Cabana Lemonades
Cherry Coke